Hello! My name is...
Sam Bowne!!!!

I am a professor at City College of San Francisco, and I also like Sailor Moon and Kureyon Shin-Chan. This is my website.

Vulnerable Pages

Some of these pages contain vulnerable code, and this system may well be hacked now and then.

So don't put any personal information on these pages.


SQL Injection Tutorial: Hands-On
SQL Injection Tutorial 2
SQL Injection in Rails

Simple search page for Havij demo
Less vulnerable search page for Havij demo

Brute Force Challenges
Client-side Controls Demonstrations
Token Insecurities
PHP Insecurities
Blind Vulnerabilities
Logic Flaws
Insecure Authentication Demonstrations
XSS Demonstrations
Header Injection

CSRF Demo (New 4-25-18)
Clickjacking Demo (New 4-25-18)
Keylogger (New 5-2-18)

Cookie Login Page
Obfuscation Challenges
Password Guessing Games

Vulnerable Message Board (old)
SQL Injection demo (old)

Heartbleed Test

I hope you enjoyed my website. Please don't hack me. This is how I feel when hackers change my website.

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